Our Story

Customer Raves

“Cathy's Creamery is AH-MAZING! I stopped by WOW at Wade Oval and had the best ice cream sandwich!

– Ayden Johnson


“I love this place: very excited for the store to open! We will definitely be stopping by during lunch and after a night out on the town.” 

–  Liam Ansley


“I met Cathy at a summer event, and the customer service is amazing! Great team with great products. Cant wait to visit the store. Please open NOW!"

– Keith Gates



We started our journey in a little apartment in downtown Cleveland. While attending law school, Cathy turned to something sweet to get through those late-night study sessions: cookies. Cookies and ice cream were always her go to dessert! During late nights she always craved ice cream but there were no ice cream shops within walking distance. As a lover of all things Cleveland, Cathy was determined to open downtown's first ice cream store and pair it with her other favorite sweet, cookies. We hope you enjoy our freshly baked cookies and ice cream as much as we enjoy making them. All of our ice cream, milk, and butter are locally sourced to preserve the quality of our yummy ice cream sandwiches.

Cathy's Is Cleveland!